What are Garanti Emekilik Yaşa?

A very colourful world including many services and advantages that will make you feel happy and special... While we are working on ensuring you a happy retirement you can invest in your future by sparing time for yourself and doing your hobbies. In so doing you gain a higher quality of living, enrich your social life, and live a happier and more colourful life!


    • We entered into agreements with leading companies covering a huge range of pastimes, sports and hobbies which allow you, the customer, to enjoy discounts of up to 50% on classes, training and activities.
    • As well as helping you to choose the most appropriate classes according to location, time and budget our Garanti Emeklilik Yaşa also helps you during the registration process. So all you have to do to take up your dream pastime is to choose a hobby that you are interested in!
    • We also organise regular monthly hobby events for you and help you to get together with other members with similar interests and give you the opportunity to have a more active and varied social life.

You can follow our monthly events calendar on our web site. If there is an activity that you fancy doing, you can also bring along a friend.


Garanti Emeklilik Yaşa events are held in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and in total we have agreements with nearly 100 companies.


Becoming a member of the Garanti Pension family is all you have to do to join in the colourful world of Garanti Emeklilik Yaşa as all Garanti Pension customers automatically become members of Garanti Emeklilik Yaşa.